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Draft resolution / Austria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

UN Document Symbol A/C.3/38/L.32
Convention Convention against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
Document Type Draft Resolution
Session 38th
Type Document

2 p.

Subjects Torture and Other Cruel Treatment

Extracted Text

General Assembly    Distr..
23  November   1983
Thirty-eighth session THIRD COMMITTEE Agenda item 97
Austria,   Costa  Rica,   Denmark,   Finland,  Greece,   Iceland,   Netherlands, Norway,   Portugal, Spain,   Sweden    draft resolution
The General Assembly,
Recalling the Declaration on the Protection of  All Persons from Being Subjected to Torture and Other Cruel,  Inhuman or  Degrading Treatment: or Punishment, adopted by  the General Assembly  in its resolution 3452   (XXX)   of  9  December  1975,
Bearing in mind article 7 of  the  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,
Recalling further  its resolutions 32/62 of 8 December 1977,   in which it requested the Commission on Human Rights to draw up a draft convention on torture and other cruel,   inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in the  light of the principles embodied  in the  Declaration, and 32/63 of 8  December   1977,
Recalling  that.  In its resolution 11 of 5 September 1980,  the Sixth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders expressed the belief that the draft convention should be finalised at the earliest possible time,
Considering  that it was not  found possible to complete the work on the draft convention during  the  thirty-ninth session of  the Commission on Human Rights,
l.       Welcomes Economic and Social Council resolution 1983/38 of  27 May 1983, by which the Council authorized a meeting of an open-ended working group of the Commission on Human Rights for a period of one week prior to the fortieth session of  the Commission to complete the work on a draft convention)
83-32003     12752   (E)    
English Page  2
2.     Requests the Commission on Human Rights to complete as a matter of
highest priority, at its fortieth session.   the drafting of a convention on torture and other cruel,   inhuman or degrading  treatment or punishment, with a view to
submitting  draft,   including provisions for  the effective  implementation of the future convention,  to the General Assembly at its thirty-ninth session;
3.      Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its thirty-ninth session the item entitled "Torture and other cruel,   inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment..