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Commission on Human Rights : report on the 40th session, 6 February-16 March 1984 : corrigendum

UN Document Symbol E/1984/14/Corr.1
Alternate ID E/CN.4/1984/77/Corr.1
Convention Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)
Document Type Annual/Sessional Report
Session 40th
Type Document

1 p.

Subjects Rights of The Child

Extracted Text

New York, 1984
Ref. Supplement No. 4
(E/CN.4/1984/77)/Corr.1 27 June 1984 Hew York
Original:    SPANISH
REPORT ON THE FORTIETN SESSION (6 February--16 March 1984)
Corrigendum 1.       Page 93, Chapter II,  section A..  Resolution 1984/60 resolution 1984/60 should road as follows:
1984/60.    Review of the Work of
of discrimination and Protection, of IIinorities 157
The Commission on Human Rights,
Having considered the report of the Sub-Commission on Prevention, of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities on its thirty-sixth session 158
Searing in mind that the Sub-Commission is a subsidiary organ of the Commission. Recalling its resolution 1983/22.of 4 March 1903,
under the agenda item  "Review of the work of  the  aspects of its role  and activities,
Noting also Sub-Commission resolution 1983/21 of 5 September 1983,
1    Takes note of the decision of the Sub-Commission to establish at its
thirty-seventh session a  working group to study in depth the working  methods. and the programme of work of the Sub-Commission,  including its  relationship with the Commission and the Secretariat.
2.        Invites an exchange of vying between spokesman-of-that workings group. and the  Commission or a working group of the Commission during the to the forty-first session 01   the Commission, which would be the consideration of  its methods
on the basis of the responses of the  Commission.
157    Adopted at the, 6lst meeting, on 15 March 1984,  by 54 votes to 1, with 4 abstentions.    See chap. XI.
158     S/CN.4/1984/3 and  Corr.  1  and  2.
GE.34-12133 84-18996