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Proposal : [draft Convention on the Rights of the Child] / submitted by the Netherlands.

UN Document Symbol E/CN.4/1988/WG.1/WP.26
Convention Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)
Document Type Proposal
Session 44th
Type Document

1 p.

Subjects Rights of The Child, Children in Armed Conflicts

Extracted Text

29 January 1988

Original: English/French

Forty-fourth Session
Pre-Sessional open-ended Working Group
on the Question of a Convention on the
Rights of the Child

25-29 January 1988

Proposal Submitted by The Netherlands

Article 20

New Second Paragraph

2. The States Parties to the Present Convention shall take all feasible
measures to ensure that on child takes a direct part in hostilities and
they shall refrain particular from recruiting any child who has not
attained the age of 16 years into their armed force.