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Proposal : [draft Convention on the Rights of the Child] / submitted by Yemen Arab Republic.

UN Document Symbol E/CN.4/1988/WG.1/WP.5
Convention Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)
Document Type Proposal
Session 44th
Type Document

1 p.

Subjects Rights of The Child

Extracted Text

E/CN.4/1988/WG.3/WP.5 26 January 1988 Original: ENGLISH COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS Forty-fourth session Pre-sessional open-ended Working Group on the Question of a Convention on the Rights of the Child 25-29 January 1988 Proposal submitted by Yemen Arah Republic Article 23 At the request of a State Party, the Committee may assist in the evaluation, within that country, of issues relating to the implementation of the present Convention, including constructive approaches to its realization. GE.88-10257/2212G